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Roofing is a difficult, time consuming, and dangerous job. Performing installations and repairs on your own can lead to hazardous slips and falls, and may leave you with an unsatisfactory finished product. For the highest quality roof possible, Oswego residents and building owners call Lifetime Roofing. Our efficient, and insured roofers provide the best customer service in the area and they strive to leave clients with the best roofing experience that they have ever had. We have worked with virtually every kind of roof, from concrete roofs to creatively angled shingles. For any type of roof concern or installation, Lifetime Roofing has the solution for you.

Full Service Commercial and Industrial Roofing

Ensuring the longevity of your roof is important for the continued functionality of your home or business. With Lifetime Roofing, Oswego residents and business owners have an efficient and communicative partner in guaranteeing the integrity of their building. Our complete roofing service provides every customer with the quality of roof that they deserve.

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Our Roofing Services

- Preventative maintenance; when major problems befall a commercial rooftop, that business may need to close for a few days. Every day of missed business is a day of missed profits as well. Lifetime Roofing can ensure the wellbeing of your roof and, by extension, your business by inspecting the roof for potential faults.

- Repair and Asbestos Abatement; everybody knows the potential dangers of asbestos and structural weaknesses in a roof speak for themselves. Our insured and experience roofers can eliminate any potential hazards.

- Snow and ice removal; the weight of winter precipitation can cause serious damage to the structural integrity of a roof. Calling Lifetime Roofing to eliminate the hazard without risking a dangerous slip is the best way to eliminate the potential for long term damage.